The beginning of something unique


So it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. I’ve not been keeping well for the past few months, oh yes my dream college, the dream city Yada yada have been put on a standstill because of my health. In order to get through this time, I have decided to make a note of my favourite quotations or poems that I come across and to record them forever . I have begun to start noting them down and I would like to share one of them with you each day. So I found this while reading paper towns  and it goes like this :

And after , when                                                                                                                                               we went outside to look at her                                                                                                               finished lantern                                                                                                                                                  from the road, I said I like the way                                                                                                               her light                                                                                                                                                                 shone through the face that flickered                                                                                                         in the dark

                                                 -“Jack O’ Lantern”, Katrina Vanderburg in Atlas

I stand quietly

This just needed to be shared with as many people as possible.
Some things ,places, people just touch our heart and you know its time they realize that they do. Please do share/reblog if you see this so we can do something and be a part of the greater good of tomorrow

Dirty, Naked & Happy

I stand quietly while you do somersaults on the bed as you aren’t being naughty, you are just trying to get your out of sync body under control.

I stand quietly by the toilet door every time you need to go, and come with you around the house, and sometimes even just across the room, because I know you can feel truly frightened when you are not near me.

I stand quietly at the supermarket checkout while everyone stares at you barking like a dog and blowing raspberries on my arms to cope with the buzzing lights.

I stand quietly while you tell the baffled shop owner that you are looking for shoes that feel hard like splintered wood because your skin can’t bear soft things.

I stand quietly when the attendant gives us scornful looks when I ask for the key to the disabled toilet because the hand dryer…

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So the title may be a little taking it too far but I’ll narrate a few incidents in my life where I had my palm read, got my tarot done and taking the cake is the incident where I met a psychic. Oh yes! A psychic and did she spook me out.

Now the individual who’s the so-called “palm reader” tells me I’ll do really well in life, go abroad, bully my husband a little :P, and so forth, we have a good laugh. What I’ve learnt in the past few years is that you will take forward only what you believe is right. Actually let’s omit the word “right”, we as human beings take forward things only if we want. When we go for these predictions it gives us a moment of happiness (guilty of that) but then eventually we realize that we must not take things as seriously.

Though my second encounter with a psychic (2 years ago) when I had gone to cheer my friend at her college fest spooked me out. I was in this dingy room lit with candles , I was waiting for my turn and I was asked to sit across her. When I started walking towards her, her face showed a slight hint of sympathy and she said, “Don’t worry I can feel that she is not keeping well but it will be alright.” This shocked me beyond limits as my grandma wasn’t keeping well and I hadn’t told anyone regarding that. Seeing the look of astonishment on my face, she said she felt the aura and she got glimpses of things. She accurately predicted that I had a younger sister, that I would realize what I wanted with my life in a year’s time (which I did), will travel a lot. She asked me to take care of my health and she told me of a stomach condition which I have been suffering from (I was numb out of shock at this stage) and said that it would go away. I was so amused that I exclaimed as to how cool it would be to know all this but she just glumly said she woke up with nightmares and it wasn’t as fun as it seemed. She wished me happiness and I never saw her again.

Third was when I met a friend’s sister who read tarot cards, she said it takes years to come to this stage as to where she was. It was all about collecting the aura and trying to break in a little , she explained. She also clearly mentioned that I could take forward what she said and my own personal decisions could alter her predictions.

Now, as a typical girl I get quite amused , derive fun from all this and it does help boost my confidence but I never never take anything to the heart or take things seriously. I now we are what we make of ourselves and I strongly believe that we carve our paths. A little bumps on the way are just to test us but eventually we are the ones deciding our destination.

Keeping hope alive


Today I came across this very special quote while trying to put down what I wanted to say. It goes :

“Always make a total effort, even when the odds are against you.” -Arnold Palmer

This beautiful saying sums up what I feel right now. I think its something everyone goes through in life ; one time or another when you’re applying for colleges, waiting for the interviewer’s phone call, waiting to say those magical “I do’s” , to become a mother and many more special moments even the tiniest of ones when you wait to get back home from work/school.

Patience is a virtue and mine has been and is being put to test for a few months now. Its when you apply for colleges and take a risk without a job in hand , no immediate plan, no stocked up cash but you just go through with what you really want to do at the moment and put your complete effort into it. Well, I haven’t remained strong to be completely honest. I broke down several times but then I always pulled myself together as I believe that good things always come to those who wait. Of course, an ample amount of effort is required from our end ; what I have realized is that this is temporary and in the long run I would be happy with what I chose now ( can’t be sure but well a feeling in my heart says so) .

All I know is strive hard, keep hope alive. I did and today I’m looking at two acceptance letters from great colleges and waiting for the others patiently.

*fingers crossed*

Tiny comforts keeping us secure


This beautiful medal was enough to calm me and make me feel better after a long day. Today was my first day at the office where I am working as an intern. Like any first day , it began to look like it was going to be the most awkward experience. You have to come out of your comfort zone and interact and go through with it, I kept repeating to myself. Unlike every other , I felt like a mature adult who wanted to work (so much for that when I cribbed about getting my system) . My friend always said ,” One of the bravest things to do , is making the first move.” I’m so proud I did that today 😀 I interacted with a few people at lunch, they turned out to be pretty nice and everyone was helpful. Let’s see how the days pan out but for now I know that my box of comfort will be waiting back at home 😉

Pride and Patriotism


The lovely image and the air of feeling around me especially today were the sense of inspiration for this post.

The first day of school and the first thing we hear and learn is the national anthem of our country. Even our tiny little hands go upto the position on our hearts so beautifully and so naturally and the pride that we take in singing loudly can never match the same as winning any achievement. This is a different pride, a different sensation, a happiness every person born in this soil is entitled to.

The soldiers who fight at the borders sacrificing every moment of happiness, their life, everything literally but the achievement they are present with after a victory is like none other. This entry is an ode to all the troops who truly live for the country and people who put their lives ahead of millions and face difficulties. I am not entitled to put this into words cause even though we all know they deserve a praise, we still cannot understand the hardships, we haven’t experienced.

Today when I was watching the parade, the beautiful displays of our culture and heritage, the brilliant and brave acts by the BFS have even received a thunderous applause from our nation but a thumbs up from the honorable chief guest, Mr. Barack Obama himself. A sense of pride and love emerges in my heart when the anthem plays.

I wish light stays alive in all our hearts and may we all truly wish for the well-being of all our patriots.

Happiness and nostalgia


Yesterday I met some of my college mates and it seemed like that phase of my life had never ended. It was so so wonderful to see such familiar faces. As I would say, when you live in dorms/hostels, and come back after a tiring day in college it feels like you come back to your family, your friends become your family. You build these beautiful memories together and the friendship keeps the castles we’ve built strong and intact.

All it took was a bite into my mango cheesecake today to get me nostalgic. My friend once said, ” She appreciates and eats like food is an art”. What she doesn’t understand is for me and for many out there , the preparation and the tingling of taste buds not only lives with us but brings back memories. If it were upto me I could live just by family,friends and food, leave luxuries and everything. They would be enough to bring the experiences I need to face the world and teach me the art of loving and letting go.

Food like any relationship brings about content and happiness. They say chocolate is an aphrodisiac , with the sensational emotions that it brings, who would deny that 😉 People bond over meals, I have seen so many quotes about food. My friends say that they have learned to appreciate little things in life after they met me (which is the best compliment I could have ever asked for).

This must be the most random blog post but I’ve written it with so much emotion and happiness that has been brought to me by everyone around. Small things are the ones which should be appreciated the most. Now please go and take a big bite of the dessert and leave your sorrows behind 🙂

A distant shine


So, I’ve always had this crazy inclination towards stars. Basing everything on them, theories, philosophies, advice, okay let me give you an example. My friend was really confused about two guys in her life. We were at this park and it was around 8 pm and I said “Hey look up, Look at the stars forming triangles, imagine you’re one of them and you have two other stars but only one of them is the closer one”. I mean crazy right?

Well, they have always fascinated me since the very first time I was pointed to at them by my mother. So fascinated that I wanted to become an astronaut to look at the “gems” in the sky. People always say, Shoot for the stars and I’m sure many of you out there are familiar with this saying. Noone understands the reality behind this, I mean its become such a rat race nowadays, the competitiveness around leading to stress, depression, etc. Unsure of a goal but just moving towards something, in a hope to catch a “gem” but not understanding that until and unless you have a defined goal you really don’t know where to head towards and you’re lost. Which is not a tough thing in this huge world of ours, imagine the universe ahead. A shine or a ray of hope is always guiding us towards a path , a way for us to define ourselves and our individuality in this great place. It looks unattainable but then if you really want something with all your heart then the universe conspires to bring it to you.

So anytime in life if you feel like you’re lost or are unsure of what you’re doing, look for inspiration, the passion , the shine to guide you through this phase. Look up and admire the “gems” 🙂